About me

I come from a French island off the coast of Madagascar called Réunion. I studied Graphic Design in Lille, France and Communication and the Media in Paris, France. I have been a Designer for over 6 years and I started focusing on UX and Product about 2 years ago to have a more holistic approach towards digital products. I am currently working as a Product Designer at VenueBook.

What else?
I’m always smiling and I have a lot of energy. I use it to run long distances, cook delicious food everyday and travel a few times a year. Oh, and I haven’t missed a Sunday brunch since 2013.

Photo of Reunion Photo of Rockaways Photo of shakshuka

Photos (from left to right): Cascade Trois Bassins, Réunion. Flying above the Rockaways, New York. Shakshuka for brunch, home.